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Why Upshotly?

Misaligned Organisation

Misaligned Organization

For a fast growing business, time is scarce, and hence it is essential to focus on the right priorities. It is vital for everyone to be on the same page at all times. However, there is a considerable chance that is not the case in your company right now.

Misaligned Teams

Your employees are missing the big picture because they don't see your vision as you do. They are unaware of how individual contribution impacts business and don’t have a clear sight of the metrics that fuel your growth. However, teams that share the clarity of vision and take ownership of contribution will bring the focus, and engagement a fast-paced growth demands.

Misaligned Teams
Aligned Organisation

Aligned Organization

Here is where we come in,

We thoroughly understand how goal setting and progress sharing using OKRs and KPIs will help you align teams and guide them towards your vision. Our software facilitates a proven solution to a painful, everyday, problem.

Your path to organizational success

Set company goals

Set an overall company objective that is responsible for company growth. Define a fixed period of time between 3 months to an year, within which the company can achieve the overall objective. Come up with 3 -5 key results required to accomplish the overall objective.

Align all teams toward company goals

Divide each of these key-results  into smaller ones and let each team derive their individual objectives from each smaller key-result.  Let each team define 3 -5 key-results for their objective and take collective responsibility in achieving them.

Align workforce towards team goals

Optionally, employees can also derive 3 - 5 personal key results to achieve from their team’s specific objective, tie it to a metric and track their progress continually.

Fine tune

The entire workforce meets up weekly or bi monthly within the defined period of time, and gets their key-results evaluated to see if their progress in the current pace will enable them to achieve their objectives. This meeting can also address any roadblocks, or hassles that stop the employees from completing their key-results.

Strive for better

At the end of the defined period (3 months to an year) , the key-results of every employee, team and company as a whole get scored on a scale between 0 to 1.0 based on their progress, output and quality of work. Anything between 0.7 - 0.8 denotes good progress. However If the scores are between 0.5 - 0.6, the company has failed to meet the goals due to some roadblock and these roadblocks weren’t addressed. If it is anything below that, the company has aimed too high for the defined time period. If the scoring is anything above 0.8, then the company has aimed for something too easy and all these mistakes can be corrected for next iteration of 3 months to an year to ensure maximum performance efficiency.

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