About Us

Why did we choose to do this?

Most businesses are unable to unlock the full potential of their workforce.

Managing employee performance is hard when you are expected to prioritize results while ensuring employee satisfaction, workplace culture and also retention. Time and effort are only invested in driving revenue and growth while employees needs, wants and company values are not prioritized.

In the end, over the long term, all the initial employees seem to have left the company for better opportunities and people who remain also never reach their maximum performance potential. This results in companies paying more to acquire new talent and losing 6 times over for every employee they invested in.

We feel the pain of modern leaders who are unable to help their employees improve performance. That's why, Upshotly empowers them with tools to manage, mentor, align and motivate their employees to perform better every day.

We show up to work every day with a smile, so that, one day it’ll happen to you on a Monday morning. 😁

Bring out better performance from everyone, every day.