When your employees have just left office on a Friday evening, settling down in their cozy chair, while sipping their favorite evening drink, they just realized something. They have failed to update their latest performance goals or Check-in and also forgot to give Feedback or Recognition. If logging into Upshotly and updating is not their idea of a weekend plan, you can’t blame them.

That’s why we at Upshotly are happy to introduce an integration that will help you manage continuous performance management seamlessly on the go. Since Slack is where work happens, we devised a way for work to happen now with high-performance every day!

So let’s take a look at what Slack and Upshotly, together, can do for your teams.

Update your goals, Feedback, Check-ins or Recognitions directly from Slack. If you are a paid Upshotly customer and a Slack customer (with the same e-mail for both accounts), you can instantly update or modify Check-ins, Objectives and Key Results or send Feedback, or Recognition to anyone connected with you in the same workspace.

Enter the text “help” or “commands” into the message field of your Upshotly bot to get the list of commands.
1) goals
2) feedback
3) recognize/recognise
4) checkin/check-in

You can now type the following to update, edit or track the respective goals, Check-ins, Feedback or Recognition. You can also ask your Upshotly admin to enable or disable the default setting through their Upshotly account. 

List of slack commands for Upshotly
Upshotly help commands

Monitor progress through Slack

If you click the view goal button, you’ll be shown your Objectives and their respective Key Results. From here you can also choose to update and track your performance progress.

Update and track your OKRs through slack!

Fill your Check-ins on the way to work!

If you click the Check-in button, it will allow you to fill your answers and update them on the go.

Give instant Feedback or a Recognition 

If you choose to give Feedback or Recognition, you can directly fill the Feedback or Recognition form and it’ll be sent instantly.

Give feedback or a recognition through slack
Instant Feedback and Recognition

Set a public channel to follow your teams Check-in, Feedback, and Recognition

All your Check-in, Feedback, and Recognition will be posted in a public feed that you can set up as a channel in slack. This comes handy to direct all your #wins or #thoughts in specific channels for employees to engage and collaborate.

What’s cooking?

  • Manage performance with automated predictive alerts and nudges. : In August, you’ll not only be able to track performance, but you’ll also see missing details about how you can achieve the goals, and get notified about missing a Check-in, or a Feedback—all from within Slack. 

Upshotly is committed to building the next generation of tools that enable peak performance in the workplace. If you wish to know more about Upshotly’s powerful workflow integrations, including Slack, Check out our features update or sign up for a demo with us.