Gauge your employee pulse regularly

 Leverage periodic questionnaires to know your employees better

Assist your employees to openly share progress or hurdles and take action.

Monitor the pulse of your workforce

Stay proactive and gain actionable insights into your employee plans, progress, and problems by giving public or team specific questionnaires to be answered. Modern companies have already moved into weekly check-in practices that replace long reports, email threads, and spreadsheets with a handful of feedback questions served via a lightweight application. Managers get to gauge employee sentiments and align their team around common short and long term goals.

Achieve high performance happily

Asses your employee happiness and progress as often as every week to once in three months by including a happiness index along with your check-ins.
Check questions, can be insightful and informative when they are framed in a way that sparks employee innovation and make them more honest and forthcoming. These questions are often researched and probe into an employee's everyday concerns. Upshotly feedback can be scheduled, Adhoc, and overall or team specific, thereby helping managers impact their employee performance, culture, and engagement.

Have conversations with context

Empower managers with timeline-based check-in records of all their employees that provide contextual information, which helps in mentoring and guidance. Modern leaders are continually looking for better ways to oversee all the intelligence they gain from employee check-in answers. With Upshotly, they learn context, that can be responded, forwarded, stored, and recollected with context at a later stage to have contextually relevant conversations that are impactful.

Bring out better performance from everyone, every day.