Promote a healthy feedback culture

Leverage feedback to assess and improve performance

Help your employees comfortably share feedback and use it to learn and grow.

Start a feedback conversation

Enable your employees to have healthy discussions by requesting feedback and seek out improvements on their own, which may be otherwise avoided. Within Upshotly, employees and managers can comfortably give and request feedback that highlights each other's positives and shortcomings. Doing this helps nurture an environment of sincerity and honesty, that encourages openness that helps every time strive towards a common goal.  Those feedback details are aggregated into one central place for an accurate, objective view of quarterly performance.

Grow within the comfort zone

Allow your employees to seek feedback personally and managers to share their suggestions in public, private or with an employee’s reporting manager. Gather a well-rounded view of a person's impact. Employees and leaders can request feedback with various levels of visibility that includes self, peer, subordinates, and superiors. This overall feedback can also be made public or anonymous depending on your people's requirements.

Have conversations with context

Empower managers with timeline-based feedback records of all their employees that provide contextual information, which helps in mentoring and guidance. Feedback within Upshotly, in case of public feedback, employees and managers can collaborate by commenting on their views that align or oppose given feedback. Positive psychology and strengths, and are designed to cultivate employee engagement and development. This kind of 360 feedback also encourages positive intra-team and into team collaboration without fear of stepping on each other's toes.

Bring out better performance from everyone, every day.