Assist high performance through guidance

Ease the flow of conversation between managers and employees

Help managers listen to your employees about their concerns and mentor them.

Schedule around your convenience

Give your employees and managers the freedom to schedule 1:1 conversation periodically or to their convenience without interrupting their workflow. One-on-one meetings help your leaders enable personal conversations that unearth actionable insights, and take action based on these insights. With Upshotly, leaders can easily include notes and agenda to their upcoming one-on-ones that make their conversations more productive.

Plan every discussion beforehand

Help your employees and managers plan their mutual and private agendas for the meeting and take notes on the discussion to help them recall vital information. Mentor your people through their everyday obstacles and help them improve their performance in real-time. Create quick action item and jot them down as notes based on your discussion. Help your leaders instill a positive organizational culture with your employees.

Recall the context to conversations

Empower managers to recall contextual feedback and check-in records of all their employees which would help them provide valuable guidance. Help your employees stay on top of their notes and agenda, both publicly and in private. Help them leverage their records to bring up conversations with their managers to look back on when they encounter similar workplace challenges in the future. Managers to get to maintain a public and private note record that they can use to refer back to when evaluating employee performance throughout the year.

Bring out better performance from everyone, every day.