People-Centric Performance Management Software

Put your people at the heart of success

Let your team know how their work impacts business and watch their performance soar.


Create a goal-driven culture with individual and team goals aligned with organization goals. Upshotly goal setting and tracking software is based on the principles of objectives and key results. Set and review performance goals that cascade top-down. Get a bird's eye view of the flow of objectives throughout the organization that informs every employee about each other's goals. Come up with key-results that act as milestones for purposes and add initiatives that help you follow through.

Weekly check-in for employee performance

Send scheduled or ad-hoc questionnaires that help your team answer questions that address performance, feedback, and career goals. Gauge your employee sentiments about organizational policies and stay on top of their plans, problems, and progress. Uncover potential roadblocks that affect their everyday performance and take action based on the insights.

360 Employee Feedback

Provide regular performance review feedback and collect 360 feedback from your employees about their peers and company throughout the year. The old ways of traditional once or twice a year performance feedback is redundant. The modern feedback practice is continuous and throughout the year. Upshotly performance management software offers a 360 feedback tool that helps you collect feedback about your people from managers, peers, and customers at regular cycles or any time. Make it easy for your people to give and receive feedback transparently recognize team members for a job well done.

Real-time Employee Recognition

Modern employees expect a work culture with plenty of positive reinforcement, and it is proven in numerous studies that such culture fosters business performance.vProvide recognition to your people with customized badges that are specific and unique to their achievements. Tie these badges to significant company values that your people demonstrated. Help your people share the feedback with everyone in the company or team or keep it private for management. Upshotly helps your organizations and managers recognize and encourage positive behaviors at the workplace, thereby creating a positive performance culture.

Frequent One on One Meetings

Guide managers and employees to have regular conversations about their performance, feedback, and personal career goals. Come up with agenda for a meeting prior hand, and follow up the meeting with additional talking points. Setting an agenda of talking points will give your 1:1 meeting partner time to brainstorm possible solutions beforehand. Both participants can collaborate to guarantee that all key topics are addressed. Managers get to schedule ad-hoc or periodic one-on-one meetings  that encourage conversations at regular intervals, and set contextual long term plans by revisiting the notes in these conversations.

Bring out better performance from everyone, every day.