Celebrate every kind of success

Count every win as a milestone towards better performance

Make your employees feel valued by appreciating high performance.

Celebrate every kind of success

Make your employees feel valued by acknowledging their contribution and associating it with meaningful and unique badges that are tied to company values. With Upshotly employee recognition software, employees can and quickly mention a colleague and share why that person earned their recognition over the past week. Instant peer recognition improves team communication while boosting morale.

Make every praise personal

Address your badge to an individual, a department or a group. Give each badge a personal twist along with a detailed or brief description of the accomplishment. The Recognition section displays all of the peer recognition throughout the organization, and employee's You page. This boosts morale and allows managers to easily pinpoint their rockstars. For even greater visibility, upshotly recognition directly integrates with your slack so that you can keep track of your medals on the go!

Made for remote teams

Promote public appreciation to instill camaraderie and participative culture by displaying every small or big victory and the person responsible for it.Upshotly also ensures your remote teams do not lose out on the everyday celebration that is a part of working within an office space. Upshotly helps you build collaborative teams across multiple locations, and keeps your people be motivated and happy.

Bring out better performance from everyone, every day.